There's a Chance Your Coworkers Are Naked on Those Video Conference Calls

With tons of people working from home right now, video chats and meetings are more common than ever. And they can REALLY get in the way of one of the biggest work-from-home perks: FULL FRONTAL NUDITY.

According to a new survey, 12% of people say they've kept their video switched off during a chat because they were naked.

So to do some not-exactly-accurate-but-very-entertaining math, if one of your coworkers has their video off, there might just be a one-in-eight shot it's because they're NAKED.

The survey also found that 44% of people have dressed more professionally specifically because of a video meeting . . . and 16% have rearranged their house so the background looks better.

Oh . . . and 11% of people have spotted something unprofessional or inappropriate in the background during a video conference.

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