Join Us For a Virtual Concert Thursday to Show Love to Our Favorite Venues

This Thursday, April 2nd, we are bringing together many of our favorite country artists to play a few songs and talk about their favorite venues in a time where we are all missing these places dearly, and they are hurting.

It's our way of showing these places a little love for a few hours and all coming together with great music.

"We Love the Venue" is brought to you by Sparta Sports and Entertainment, and can be seen on the Facebook pages for Big 97.9, Y96.9, and Cowboy Lifestyle Network. The show starts at 5:30 and goes until the artists don't want to play anymore.

It features performances by;

  • Royale Lynn
  • Dylan Jakobsen
  • John King
  • Sam Riggs
  • Payton Smith
  • Chris Bandi
  • Chancey Wlliams
  • Corb Lund
  • Clare Dunn
  • Dillon Carmichael
  • Craig Campbell
  • Josh Ward
  • Stevie Monce
  • Love & Theft
  • Gone West
  • Carly Pearce

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