SHARE THE SWEETNESS: A Candy-Gram for Gams (and Gramps!)

COVID-19 sucks. And it sucks for some more than others.

We have such sympathy for the senior citizens in assisted care facilities - because of COVID, some seniors have not had a visitor in weeks.

That's why we've teamed with our friends at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory to Share the Sweetness by giving Candy Grams to Grams (and Gramps)!

It so simple - drop us an email - - and tell us about an assisted care facility that we should deliver a Candy Gram to. We have ways of getting the goodies to our senior friends in a manner that is completely safe.

Don't know a senior, but still want to share some sweetness?

That's easy. Write it a note. Send it to Scott using his email address above. We'll print out those notes and deliver them with our candy grams.

Have your kids draw a picture. Scan the picture and email it to Scott. We'll print them out and deliver them to our senior friends.

PLEASE help us brighten the day of a senior needing some sunshine. Write a note. Color a pic. Tell us where to deliver!

Join Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and us in sharing the sweetness and helping make a very special Candy Gram for Grams (and Gramps)!

(Image Cred: Getty Images)

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