The Top Things We've Been Doing Online During the Lockdown

A third of people in a new poll say they can still enjoy MOST of their normal hobbies right now, even if they have to do them online.

Researchers came up with a list of 50 online activities, and asked 2,000 people how many of them they've done since the lockdown started.

Here are ten of the most common things we've been doing online. (And no, "watching thousands of hours of porn" wasn't one of the options.)

1. Streaming a new TV show.

2. Online shopping.

3. Group calls with family.

4. Group calls with friends.

5. Online games.

6. Online exercise classes.

7. Reading online magazines.

8. Watching do-it-yourself tutorials.

9. Making playlists.

10. Singing "Happy Birthday" to someone on a video call.

(Photo Cred: Getty Images, Content Cred: The Sun)

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