Colorado Auto Shop Doing Free Car Repairs

I was turned onto this story by a friend who emailed me about it, so I did a little research, and sure enough Metric Motors in Loveland, Colorado is doing free car repairs during the pandemic!

Back at the end of March they posted on their Facebook page;

Metric Motors wants to help those in our community affected by COVID-19 by keeping their vehicle running for Free! If you, or someone you know, is not working or has reduced income due to COVID-19, yet needs dependable transportation, we’d like to help. We’re devoting ½ of our staff to work on vehicles at no cost to the customer. We have supporters and parts suppliers that have committed to provide parts for these repairs. Now we need vehicles to work on. We’re looking at only 3 criteria:
How has this person been affected by the COVID-19 Outbreak?
How are their needs immediate and essential?
How critical are the needs in regard to safety and dependability?
We’d like to help 3 to 6 people a day, if you’d like to be one of them just email us at: for a simple application form.

Nearly everyday since, they have posted pictures of people they've helped. AMAZING!!

You are heroes, Metric Motors!

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