Could the Broncos Actually Trade for Aaron Rodgers?

Experts all over the country agree the Denver Broncos had an amazing draft. The team is now stacked with a ton of great young talent, and that could lure a few veterans to want to come play in Denver...

But we have a quarterback we are confident in, right? Maybe not so fast! had an article go viral today saying that the Broncos could be front-runners to land Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers.

The Packers drafted a quarterback and there are rumors swirling that Rodgers isn't too thrilled about that and may want out. Although it's unlikely this season as the Packers appear to still be committed to Rodgers, for now. But the article does mention that "after examining his contract, it’s clear that Green Bay will have a window to trade him starting next offseason."

So, depending on how Drew Lock handles his sophomore season, this could be a thing about this time next year... Stay tuned!

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