Will Cheyenne Frontier Days Happen in 2020?

Let's be real for a second... We all are hoping to salvage some of our summer as so many events are being cancelled, but we also have to be smart about getting our hopes up for anything at the moment. Events that have yet to cancel or postpone, may still happen, but honestly, there's always that chance they don't happen also. I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade, and I'm hoping just as hard as you are that things are safe enough to make them happen, but I don't want you to be dead set on anything right now, only to have your heart broken.

I say this as I've seen many people announcing recently that "Cheyenne Frontier Days will happen in 2020" on social media. Yes, as of now, the CEO says "Cheyenne Frontier Days is still on track for the 124th edition." He actually said that in response to people spreading rumors that the event had already been cancelled on social media. However, he does not say that they event will 100% happen.

I do know the good people at CFD well, and I know that they will make the right decision, when the time is right. I also know that they will treat their patrons right, so BUY tickets to the events you want to see now, and if the event cannot happen, I know they will make sure you are taken care of fairly.

Now let's all hope, pray, cross our fingers and our toes that the 124th Daddy of 'em All happens this July!!

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