Wine Company Sets Up Hotline for Frustrated Moms to Vent on Mother's Day

If whining about 2020 over a bottle of wine has become your favorite mom's new pastime, then have we got a Mother's Day surprise for you!

The wine-spritzer brand MOVO has established a "hotline" that moms can call to vent their frustrations this holiday weekend. 1-833-3-SCREAM-4-WINE will be open for complaints through Sunday, May 10.

"Now more than ever, moms deserve a break…and a drink. Between teaching their kids, keeping them entertained, working from home, and serving snacks every five minutes, moms are just trying to keep it together," says company rep Lisa Rudman. "We realize this Mother's Day isn't going to be normal, but we're hoping to make it a little more special with a much-needed laugh."

Moms who call will be asked to vent their biggest frustrations--but don't worry, the calls won't be recorded.

After the call, you can submit your email address on the brand's website for a chance to win a $10 credit to Venmo to be used for wine spritzers.

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