Did You Know There is a 'Colorado' Scented Candle?

Make fun of me if you need to, but I love Bath and Body Works. I know it's designed for women, but I could spend all day in the store just smelling all the good stuff they had. 

Speaking of candles, I recently found a website that makes candles to smell like each state, and some select cities also.

I always think of the nasty smells first, like the north part of Greeley, or dog food plant, but thankfully the creators went with "fresh notes of spruce needles and spice. Recall the changing of seasons as the candle burns through with elements of melting snow, cedar, sandalwood, and the lightest hint of amber and cinnamon."

However, there is a "Las Vegas" scent too, and there isn't much about that town that smells good...

See all their candles here.

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