Ford Is Releasing a New Bronco on O.J. Simpson's Birthday in July

Ford is bringing back a notorious vehicle, and debuting it on a an auspicious date,People reports.

The company wrote on Twitter Saturday that it was bringing back the Ford Bronco, and that it would be released on July 9, which just so happens to be O.J. Simpson's 73rd birthday.

"07/09/20. The Wild Returns," the tweet said, accompanied by a photo of the Bronco's logo superimposed over an open road. "#FordBronco #BuiltWild."

Simpson is forever linked to the vehicle after his June 17, 1994, slow-speed police chase from Orange County to Brentwood with Al Cowlings while driving a white Bronco. He was avoiding turning himself in to the police after he was named a suspect in the murder of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Millions watched the chase live on TV, one of the most-watched TV news events of all time.

Ford claims that the Bronco's release date and Simpson's birthday is purely coincidental, and that the plan to continue with the July 9 release date. 

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