NFL QB Aaron Rodgers Has Been Hanging Out in Our Favorite Colorado Hat Shop

Northern Colorado already knows how cool Greeley Hat Works is... The rest of the world is finding out!

Celebrities even travel all the way from Green Bay to visit Greeley Hat Works and get custom made hats! Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has shown up on the Greeley Hat Works social media pages before, but there he sat in that famous chair again today.

I spoke with Greeley Hat Works' owner, Trent Johnson, who said, "I was pleasantly surprised by what a genuinely nice guy Aaron Rodgers is. When he put on his Tombstone-inspired hat and said "I'll be your Huckleberry," I knew it was going to be a good time!"

When I asked Trent if Rodger's famous girlfriend, Danica Patrick, also visited the shop, he said that she had not made the trip the first two times. But, it doesn't sound like it'll be the last time Rodgers makes the trip, so who knows, maybe she'll be the next to dawn one of those famous hats from Greeley, Colorado!

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