One Time John Elway Drank 10 Beers for $1 in Greeley and Drove Off

Remember when the Denver Broncos had training camp in Greeley at the University of Northern Colorado? Some of my greatest childhood memories are from those practices in my hometown, and it sounds like John Elway has some memories there also!

Woody Paige has covered the Broncos for 35 years, so he has stories, and he shared one about Elway, a bunch of beers, and his Corvette in Greeley, this week on the The Brilliantly Dumb Show.

When asked, "Who was the best person to get drunk with in the sports world? Did you and John Elway ever hit it off at a bar and get wasted?” Paige didn't hold back... He talked of a time in Greeley when Elway grabbed Paige and 2 offensive linemen after practice to head to a quiet military bar that was serving up 10 beers for a single dollar special.

Here is the full chat (fast forward to the 28 minute mark for the story)....

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