Colorado is the Third Most Popular State for Tiny Homes

If you're looking to simplify and move into a "tiny home," the top states for them are California, Florida, Colorado, Texas, and Oregon.

Home improvement site HomeAdvisor found the 10 most popular US states for tiny home living, and Colorado got the number three spot. Only Florida and California were higher on the list.

According to the article;

Almost 8% of all posts scraped in the US were in Colorado, and 12% of those were located in Denver.
There's even an annual Colorado Tiny House Festival held in Brighton that showcases tiny homes of all shapes and designs.
As Denver Westword notes, the tiny home movement has gained traction in Colorado specifically perhaps due to the variety of outdoor activities. When tiny homeowners are saving money by downsizing, they're more so able to spend it on skiing and the like if they wish.

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