Someone Finally Jumped Into a Fish Tank at a Bass Pro Shop

The fish tanks inside Bass Pro Shop stores are cool, but many of us have wondered about the inside. Whether it be taking a dip or fishing, knowing you'd probably get in big trouble has kept 99.9% of us from going inside the tank... But there is that .1%!

Last week in Louisiana, Kevin Wise promised his followers that he'd jump in the fish tank at a Bass Pro Shop in Bossier City if he got 2,000 likes on TikTok.

The ironically named 26-year-old was captured on video making good on this promise, explaining to KSLA-TV, "I got way more than [2,000 likes] and didn't want to be a liar."

On Monday, KTAL-TV reported that Wise had been arrested and charged with simple criminal damage to property, as the store had to empty out its 13,000-gallon tank and clean it after Wise's unwise stunt. However, Bass Pro Shops is not pressing charges for his stunt. If the fish are hurt, sick or the tank needs repairing — he will have to pay those costs.

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