Large Portion of Greeley Stampede Arena at Island Grove Has Been Torn Down

Sure it sucks that there is no Greeley Stampede happening right now... But it is allowing for a ton of work to get done on the grounds!

My buddy, Todd, takes care of Island Grove Park for the City of Greeley and has been posting a ton of photos showing the work that's being done, to social media this summer. Many of the old, mismatched seats were replaced, a new coat of paint was put on almost every part of the arena, and maybe the most noticeable thing is the huge announcers building and scoreboard on the east side of the arena is now gone.

If you only went to concerts, this building was usually hidden by the stage, but rodeo fans did a lot of looking at that thing. It's where all the timed events happened, and over the last handful of years, it also held a giant screen for replays and scores.

Although there is no official word from the Stampede on what will go in that space, I know they have some big plans. The 2021 Stampede will look a whole lot different!

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