What's Colorado's Weirdest Roadside Attraction?

Some states have giant forks or huge balls of yarn on the side of the road. Colorado doesn't have that, but we still have a pretty weird roadside attraction.

The folks at Thrillist just put out a list of "The Weirdest Roadside Attraction in Every State," and in Colorado it's in the small town of Rye... Bishop Castle got the nod, and here is why according to the website;

A 160-foot-tall structure of stone and steel, Bishop Castle includes four towers, two catwalks, a ballroom, and a whole lot of wrought- iron railings and flourishes. It’s a bona fide castle, too, complete with drawbridge and fire-breathing dragon, all built by one man, Jim Bishop. You can walk the bridges between the towers, albeit at your own risk. Or just admire the decor, which ranges from hand-painted signs airing Jim’s personal views to an arm with an axe sticking out of the floor in the main hall.

See the full list of weird roadside attractions here.

Learn more about Bishop Castle here.

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