Guy Keeps His House From Catching Fire with Bud Light

Our hearts are breaking for everyone affected by the wildfires in Colorado. Although, we do not recommend trying to save your property using beer...

There's a guy named Chad Little in Vacaville, California, and last week, one of the wildfires in California was spreading toward his house.

His neighbors were fleeing, but he decided to stay behind and try to keep the fire from getting to his home and his shop that's attached.

He was using his hose to fight the fires, but his water suddenly got turned off. He knew if he could get some wood to stop burning, that could probably keep his home safe until the fire department arrived.

So he grabbed a 30-pack of BUD LIGHT and started dumping it on the wood.

Quote, "I was just shaking it up, popping it and spraying them, and grabbing another one. My buddies all tease me about drinking water beer and I say, 'Hey, saved my shop.'"

The fire department got there after he used the Bud Light on the wood and took care of the rest of the fires around his house.

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