A Cutout of You Can Be at the Rodeo Coming to the Greeley Stampede Arena

You've seen the cardboard cutouts in the stands at the baseball games on TV by now, right? Have you wondered how to get yourself on one of those things? Well, I honestly have no idea how to do it at the baseball games, but I do know how at a huge rodeo coming to Greeley!

The RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo will be at the Stampede Arena in Greeley this September, and istead of leaving seats vacant, the Greeley Stampede is selling them as a fundraiser. "We are always looking for fun ways to give back to the community," commented Justin Watada, Greeley Stampede General Manager. "Selling the seats will not only help make the arena look fuller, it gives us an opportunity to give back."

When you purchase an empty seat, the Greeley Stampede will create a cutout to fill the seat that will remain for all five performances of the rodeo series which will be televised on the Cowboy Channel and the Cowboy Channel+ app. Each cutout will be custom made with the purchaser's provided photo. "You can submit a photo of yourself, a loved one, your favorite barista, whoever you want as long as you own the rights to the photo," continued Watada. The cutouts will be placed around the bucking chutes, one of the most visible locations in the arena.

A portion of each cutout sold, $100 per location, will benefit the Friends of Island Grove as well as the purchaser's choice of participating non-profit organization.

Cutouts can be ordered until 10am on Wednesday, September 2nd. Get yours here.

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