The Most Interesting Thing Colorado's Been Googling During the Pandemic

The career website Zippia just analyzed the Google searches in every state to see what interesting thing people in each state have disproportionately searched for the most during these past five months of the pandemic.

In Colorado it's "How to stop drinking." Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing...

Other results are mostly a mix of hobbies, habits, self-improvement projects, foods, and alcoholic drinks.

Some of the hobbies are: "Cross-stitch" in Kansas . . . "DIY patio" in New Hampshire . . . "Build a chicken coop" in Maine . . . and "Virtual book club" in Massachusetts.

Some habits and self-improvement projects are: "Quit smoking" in West Virginia . . . "Going vegan" in Nevada . . . and "How to become a YouTuber" in Indiana.

Some foods are: "Chicken nuggets" in Oklahoma . . . "Little Debbie cakes" in Arkansas . . . "Banana bread" in Hawaii . . . and "Hot wings" in Wyoming.

Some alcohols are: "Bloody Mary" in Wisconsin . . . "Boxed wine" in Minnesota . . . "Vodka pops" in Mississippi . . . and "Day drinking" in New Mexico.

And finally, there's Missouri, where the top search is . . . "Meth recipe."

Here's the full map.

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