Turn on Red Lights for Colorado's Live-Events Industry Tonight

If you notice an unusual amount of red lights across Colorado tonight, it’s because the live-events industry is in shambles. The industry many of us love is now past hurting and in full crisis-mode.

In an effort to draw attention to the ongoing #WeMakeEvents #RedAlertRESTART initiative, nearly 50 Colorado venues and countless more homes and shop windows will turn red from 9 p.m. to midnight on Sept. 1.

According to the Denver Post;

“The goal is to raise public awareness that the live events industry is on red alert for its very survival and create congressional pressure to act now,” organizers said in a press statement. “It is estimated that 96%, or as many as 12 million people in the live events industry, are currently unemployed, furloughed or have lost up to 90% of their income.”
As many as 1,500 buildings across North America will be lit in red on Tuesday night to urge Congress to pass the RESTART Act (S.3814), which would provide financial relief. Tuesday’s event is also in support of ExtendPUA.org, which supports an extension of the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance to provide relief to those without work due to COVID-19.

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