Why Isn't Blake Shelton Nominated at the CMA Awards?

62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards - Rehearsals Day 2

Ask anyone who knows anything about country music who the biggest stars in the format are right now and all of them are going to name Blake Shelton towards the top of their lists. Still, he can't seem to get any love from the CMA Awards... 

Shelton won Single of the Year for "God's Country" last year, but the last time he won before that was 2014, and he hadn't been nominated since 2015. I was hoping last year would help him start to get what he deserved again, but nope... Not a single nod in 2020, and in my humble opinion he could have WON three or four awards!

It certainly isn't because he hasn't been active. He stars on one of the biggest TV shows in the world, he keeps putting out hit records, and he tours constantly selling out shows all over the place. 

Now I am not trying to stir up drama or create a conspiracy theory, I am just sticking my nose out there for my buddy. I love the CMAs and I'll continue to watch and support them too, but if this happens to get in the hands of anyone that matters there, please quit snubbing Blake!! 

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