Is Casa Bonita Closed for Good?

Say what you will about their tacos and enchiladas, but Casa Bonita is a Colorado staple! It was even given landmark status from the Lakewood Historical Society. So there's no way it'll be closed for good, right?

We hope so, but honestly it sounds like no one knows for sure. All we do know is it still hasn't re-opened since closing back in March when all Colorado restaurants were shuttered.

According to Westword;

A representative of the City of Lakewood says that the city's economic-development team has been in touch with Casa Bonita's owners every five weeks or so, and that the city has received no notice that the restaurant is permanently closed. In fact, Casa Bonita continues to file its required sales tax returns — on which the sales remain stuck at zero.

The restaurant's owners, Star Buffet,is not currently taking calls, so who knows.

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