Subway Employees Hilariously Reveal Their Strangest Orders

When I order a sub it's meat and cheese only... No condiments, no veggies, and I get weird looks from the staff. However, that's normal compared to this!

Thanks to “Ask Reddit” we know that there is no sandwich request that a Subway worker will shy away from making. The sub-Reddit called on workers at the sandwich shop to share “the strangest order you’ve ever had from a customer.”

Here are some of the strange requests that were actually honored:

  • One guy ordered the same thing every day: 2 pounds of lettuce on some bread.
  • A steak and cheese with a half bottle of ketchup.
  • A 6-inch Honey Wheat, just condiments. All of them.
  • Foot long on white, double mayo, salt pepper.
  • Tuna sandwich, extra extra pickles and 2 Splenda packages on top.
  • Cold cut combo with an entire bottle of oil on it.
  • A black olive sandwich with just a little ham.
  • A slab of dough and throwing some cherry tomatoes on top. The dough was thrown away after the guy ate the tomatoes.
  • A calzone stuffed with just ketchup.
  • Western omelette - hold the eggs.

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