Coloradans Order BBQ Chicken Pizza More Than Any Other Kind

I guess a lot of us haven't matured much when it comes to pizza toppings. Because a new study found we're still ordering like eight-year-olds.

Someone got their hands on a bunch of data from Yelp, and posted the most common type of pizza we order in all 50 states. And the winner is . . . plain old CHEESE. Cheese pizza ranked first in 29 states. And it's especially popular on the East Coast.

Here are some more stats on our favorite pizza orders . . .

1. Chicken is WAY more popular as a topping than it used to be. "Barbecue chicken pizza" was #1 in seven states: California . . . Colorado . . . Michigan . . . Minnesota . . . Nebraska . . . Utah . . . and Virginia.

And three other "chicken" pizzas made the list too: "Buffalo chicken" in Delaware . . . "chicken bacon ranch" in South Dakota . . . and "grilled chicken white pizza" in Maine.

2. Montana and Oregon are the only states where pepperoni ranked first. But "Meat Lovers" is #1 in Louisiana, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

3. "White pizza" is #1 in Alaska . . . "taco pizza" is #1 in Iowa . . . and "Caprese" pizza ranked first in Hawaii. (Pronounced kuh-PRAY-zay.)

4. That means Hawaii's favorite type of pizza ISN'T Hawaiian. But it did place first in three other states: Georgia, North Dakota, and New Mexico are all down with pineapple as a pizza topping.

Here's a map of all 50 states

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