Colorado Nursing Home Protest - 'I'd Rather Die of Covid Than Loneliness'

The pandemic has been hard on most of us, but imagine being in a senior living facility for all these months without the ability to leave of course, but also without being able to see your loved ones for months on end as well.

Those things are the harsh reality for many seniors in nursing homes around Colorado, and now many have had enough. Today there was a protest in Greeley, CO at Fairacres Manor that had many residents holding signs saying "enough is enough," and even "I'd rather die of Covid than loneliness."

According to Complete Colorado, "the protest against the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and Gov. Jared Polis’ mandates that do not allow nursing home residents to see their loved ones, was thought up, organized and carried out by the residents, with oversight from their nurses and other staff members, said the Assistant Administrator of Fairacres Manor Ben Gonzales."

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