Cow Cuddling is Getting Really Popular, and You Can Do It In Colorado

People aren't getting in the HUGS they used to during the pandemic. So if you NEED a hug . . . there's this?

There's a Dutch practice called COW HUGGING where people literally hug cows for hours. The BBC says, quote, "the cow's warmer body temperature, slower heartbeat, and mammoth size can make hugging an incredibly soothing experience."

And during the pandemic, cow hugging has apparently become a lot more popular.

Oh, and there's at least one place in Colorado to do it... The Broken Shovels Farm in Commerce City has been hosting Open Farm and Snuggle Days every other Sunday for the last eight years. And cows aren't the only thing you can snuggle. Goats, pigs, roosters, cows, bunnies, ducks, donkeys, and more are ready to be cuddled.

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