Two Years After the Chris Watts' Murders, No One Wants His Colorado Home

Over two years after Colorado experienced the horror of the Chris Watts murder case, the world is seeing it front and center as the new Netflix documentary American Murder: The Family Next Door, shows the in-depth story of how Watts murdered his wife and his unborn son, and his two young daughters.

And no real surprise here, but Realtors are having one heck of a time selling the house in Frederick, Colorado where Watts strangled his pregnant wife, Shanann.

In 2018 the house was put up for auction for a year by the lender who foreclosed on the property, but no one purchased it so the county took it out of foreclosure. That means, Chris Watts is still the legal owner of the home located at 2825 Saratoga Trail in Frederick.

The Watts' bought the 5 bed, 4 bath house in May 2013 for $399,954. Now the home is reportedly worth $647,700.

Here is a eerie video someone recently posted to YouTube at the front door of the home...

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