Website Tells You If the Ice Cream Machine is Working at McDonald's

The ice cream machines at McDonald's are notorious for breaking down. So a software engineer who loves their ice cream finally did something to help people out . . .

He launched a website called that tracks all of their U.S. locations, and tells you whether each one is currently serving ice cream or not.

He built a bot that adds ice cream to his online cart at thousands of locations every 30 minutes. And if they won't let him order ice cream, he knows their machine is down.

The whole site is just a zoomable map of the U.S., with locations in green if they have ice cream, and red if they don't. And you can click on each one to see how long ago it was checked.

According to the site, around 9% of all McDonald's ice cream machines are currently down across the country. And it's more like 20% in some cities.

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