You Can Make $25/Hour Playing Santa Virtually This Year

You think kids are gonna just casually accept that Santa's not gonna be ready for them at the mall during 2020's pandemic? Noooo. That's why a Toronto company is offering $25 an hour as a "seasonal, work-from-home" Santa Claus.

The company, Live Calls with Santa, allows kids to chat with Mr. Claus over Zoom and tell him what they'd like under their trees. The ad for the gig reads "You will be expected to embody Santa’s appearance, cheery persona, upbeat energy, and of course, the endearing ‘ho, ho, ho."

Live Calls with Santa also asks that applicants understand that they must "stay in character" during each and every Zoom call, no matter how many kids on the "naughty" list log on.

Brush up on that beard and send your resume and headshot to

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