Dierks Bentley Will Spend the Holidays in Colorado, as He Has For Years

It's no secret that Dierks Bentley is officially a Coloradan... He moved his family to the Telluride area right about the time that the pandemic started, and he's been on record saying he has no plans to leave. But this won't be the first holiday season he's spent in our state...

The Boot reports:

"We go every Christmas, so it's definitely white -- a whole lotta snow," he describes. "There's a small town, and it's pretty great Christmas vibes."
Bentley went on to say that each holiday season, his family breaks out the same decorations, though each Christmas, they're a little rattier than they were the previous year. "I've got the same plastic tree I've been putting up for, like, 12 years," he explains.
"I get that box out every year, and it's a little more duct taped, takes away a little more cardboard, but there it is. The lights stopped working a long time ago, but I have extra lights I put up around it, and we've got some lights up outside," Bentley goes on to say. And though his Christmas traditions might be pretty modest, the singer added that he's got goals for the future to focus less on the material aspect of Christmas and more on the spirit behind the holiday season.

See the full article about Dierks' Colorado Christmas here.

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