Colorado Woman Fakes 911 Call as Revenge on Ex, Cops Find Different Bad Guy

This is kind of a specific lesson, but I guess if you're on the run from the law, don't hide out with someone who's got a crazy ex?

On Saturday night, the cops in Pueblo, Colorado got a 911 call from a woman who said she was hiding in the basement of her ex-boyfriend's house because he had a gun and was threatening to kill her.

The cops swarmed his house but when the boyfriend let them in, they figured out it was all a hoax . . . his ex-girlfriend wasn't even in the STATE. She was just trying to get some high stakes revenge.

There's no word on whether she's going to be facing charges . . . but her call WASN'T a total waste for the cops.

Because while they were raiding the ex-boyfriend's house, they also surrounded a camper in the backyard and made everyone inside of it come out.

One of the people inside was a guy named Lawrence Salazar, who was a wanted FUGITIVE. So he was arrested.

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