Wyoming's Chancey Williams Releases Video for Dan Seals, Marie Osmond Cover

When it comes to artists in our general area out there making it on national level, few compare to what Wyoming's Chancey Williams has been doing. The former rodeo star turned country star has been turning heads in the country music industry for a few years now, but in my opinion, they just dropped one of their best pieces of material yet!

From great albums, like their latest "3rd Street," to hit songs, awards, and packing venues for shows, Chancey is no stranger to success. However, when it comes to music videos, they just dropped something that's as good or better than anything you'll see on CMT.

Chancey is joined by his longtime fiddle player Brooke Latka on their cover of the Dan Seals and Marie Osmond classic, Meet Me in Montana. They nailed the song, but really blew me away with this gem of a video!

Kudos to the band's bass player, Jay Lee Downing, for producing/directing the video...

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