Only in Colorado - Skiers Get Stuck on a Chairlift For Hours This Weekend

Waiting in line FOREVER is part of skiing at many resorts in Colorado, but sitting on a broken chair lift is not supposed to be part of the experience.

Still it was for about 125 guests at Winter Park on Sunday. According to 9News:

Ski patrollers used ropes to lower people from chairlifts and were seen shimmying across the cables that connect them after the Pioneer Express Lift at Winter Park Resort stopped working Sunday.
The guests who were rescued from the lift received vouchers that included a $5 coupon for “food or beverage for immediate use.” They will also be compensated for their experience in another way as well.
It took about three hours to evacuate the entire lift, and people were evacuated depending entirely on how far they were from the top.
The lift is located on the eastern end of the resort and doesn’t connect directly to the base, meaning that some of the skiers who were evacuated had to take another lift to reach the runs that do.

I am sure the $5 for food and beverage made it all worth it though... HAHAHA!!

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