The Colorado Avalanche Will Play a Game on a Frozen Pond Next Month

Many of us in Colorado remember the debacle that was the last Colorado Avalanche outdoor game... The 2020 game in Colorado Springs at the Air Force Academy was fine, game-wise, but getting in and out of it was a nightmare for the ages. No one will have to worry about that at the next outdoor game for the team!

The NHL has plans to play a couple of games in Lake Tahoe, Nevada this February. Hockey bosses have the idea that since fans can't come to the games, they'll at least make the games look spectacular on TV with two Natural Wilderness Games.

The two day NHL event will take place at Edgewood Tahoe Resort, which is much more famous for hosting golf tournaments. The games will take place around the resort's 16th, 17th and 18th holes.

Vegas, Colorado, Boston and Philly will be the teams hitting the ice during the Natural Wilderness Games next month.

Sounds pretty cool actually!

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