There's a Cookbook All About Eating Your Christmas Tree

If your Christmas tree is still sitting in your house, here's an option instead of dragging it out to the curb: Serve it for dinner.

There's a new cookbook out from a, quote, "artisan baker and cook" in the U.K. named Julia Georgallis called "How to Eat Your Christmas Tree". And it features dozens of recipes you can make using your tree.

For example, Christmas-Cured Fish uses almost a pound of needles for decoration and flavoring. With Christmas Tree Pickles, you throw a handful of needles into a jar with your pickles for a month.

There's even ICE CREAM flavored with blue spruce needles and ginger.

Julia says she created the book so people would get better use out of their trees . . . rather than chopping down 30 million trees every year and then throwing them away.

I do like drinking Tanqueray, and it tastes like Christmas trees, so why not?

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