Busch Light Is Making Their Beer Even Cheaper Every Time it Snows

It's just what everyone needs: Busch Light to be CHEAPER.

Busch Light just announced they're bringing back their "Snow Day" promotion this year. Basically, for every inch of snow, they take $1 off the price of a 24- or 30-pack.

There are some catches, though.

The discount is based on the inches of snow in one specific city in each state between now and the end of March. You can only get up to $15 off one 30-pack or $12 off one 24-pack. And you have to pay full price, then wait for a rebate.

But if you're willing to jump through all of those hoops to get what will probably be a free 30-pack of Busch Light . . . maybe it'll make your winter a little bit warmer.

Here's all the rules and stuff.

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