The Blue Angels are Coming to Colorado for an Airshow in 2021

We see the Air Force Thunderbirds a lot in Colorado and Wyoming, but the Blue Angels make it here much less often... That will change in 2021.

They will be on display October 16th and 17th at the Loveland Airshow.

According to the Coloradoan:

This year, the Blue Angels are celebrating their 75th anniversary and flying the new Super Hornets, which are larger, carry more internal fuel, have larger engines that provide greater thrust and make "more giant noise" that typically thrills audiences, said Lt. Julius Bratton.
The Blue Angels are known for their aerobatics and formations, including tight formations, loops, high-speed passes, slow and fast rolls and tight turns. The highest speed flown during an air show is 700 mph.
The Loveland air show in October is part of a 30-city schedule that starts in April in Jacksonville, Florida, and ends in November in Pensacola, Florida, three weeks after coming to Northern Colorado.
The last time the Blue Angels were in Loveland, the show was so popular that traffic on Interstate 25 came to a near standstill, forcing some cars to sit on the interstate for hours to go just a few miles.
Organizers hope to avoid that this year, Licon said. The two closest intersections off I-25 leading to the airport (Windsor and Crossroads) have been improved, and officials are working with city and county officials to determine traffic flow and patterns, Licon said.
More information about tickets will be coming as the date gets closer.

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