Miller Lite Will Give You Money if You Type a Really Long Website URL

Miller Lite is giving out free money during the Big Game. . . but they're gonna make you work for it.

They just announced a new promotion where they'll tweet out a picture with a REALLY long website URL at some point during the Big Game. It will be 836 characters long.

And if you type it into your browser and go to the website, they'll Venmo you $8, which they say should buy you a six pack of beer. Or, you know, whatever else you want.

Why are they making you type in an 836-character URL? They say that much typing should burn one calorie . . . and right now, they're basing their marketing around the fact that a bottle of Miller Lite only has one calorie more than Michelob Ultra.

Only the first 5,000 people who enter the URL will win the prize.

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