Least Romantic Place in the World, Lowe's, Wants You for Valentine's Day

Let me say I love Lowe's, but there is NOTHING romantic about it... Yet, they want you to come hangout for Valentine's Day...

The home improvement store is offering 50 couples the chance to experience a "Night of Lowemance” this Valentine’s Day. Reservations for the after-hours experience are open through Sunday, and those selected will get to spend the holiday at one of 10 stores in what the company is describing as "America's most romantic cities."

So, what exactly does this “Night Of Lowemance” entail? Well, as part of the experience, chosen couples, who agree to abide by the store’s social distancing and safety protocols, will get to “splash, sling and roll some paint on a giant canvas,” with the company noting, “You pick the colors, you create big art!”

The 10 cities offering the experience include Nashville, Tennessee; Denver, Colorado; Savannah, Georgia; Chicago; San Francisco; Palm Beach, Florida; Jacksonville, Florida; New Orleans; Providence, Rhode Island; and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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