There's Now an App to Help Couples Pick Where to Eat, What to Watch

If your significant other is anything like my wife, they'll tell you they "don't care" what we eat or what we watch on TV, but then when you pick something, they aren't a fan. HA! There's a now an app to fix this problem for good!

Cobble is a decision-making app for people in relationships, sort of “like Tinder for couples who need date night ideas.” It was created by Jordan Scott to help couples answer the question “What should we do tonight?”

Scott says she came up with the idea for Cobble after she was in a relationship and she realized there were no apps to solve problems couples face like, “what are we eating later?” So she came up with a high-tech way to make deciding easier. “I wanted to take that simple interface of a dating app where you’re swiping on people, but instead of people, it’s highly curated content,” Scott explains. And when both partners swipe right on an idea, you’ve got your plans for the evening right there.

So even though there’s swiping involved on Cobble, Scott says her app is “very much for people in committed relationships, post-dating and ready for life after the swipe.” Originally, the app was focused on going out in New York City, but when COVID happened, they changed it to include content around what to do at home with their “stay in” experience. Now anyone anywhere can use it when they just want to have fun on date night, not spend hours trying to figure out what to do.

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