When Gorilla Glue Becomes Mousse

Remember that one time when some brat stuck gum in your hair. Or worse yet, you fell asleep chewing it and woke up with it in your hair. This is way - way worse!

There's a woman in the New Orleans, Louisiana area named Tessica Brown. And about a month ago, she had just finished doing her hair when she realized she was out of her hair spray.

There's nothing worse than getting your hair all did up and not having any hair spray, right?! So... IMPROVISE! Use Gorilla Glue.

She posted an Instagram video on Friday about how BAD of an idea that was - you see, her hair hasn't moved in a month! A MONTH! She says she's washed it 15 times and nothing happens.

Look, we know how bad the Wyoming winds get - and there are days when Gorilla Glue might seem appealing. But when it's windy, think of Tessica.

Her video went viral . . . and Saturday, she decided to get help and went to the hospital. Of course, she documented her trip on Instagram.

Her latest picture is a big jug of, quote, "sterile water for irrigation" and medical-grade nail polish remover pads, with the caption, quote, "This is really about to be a long process."

Meet Tessica...

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