What's the Most-Googled Valentine's Day Gift in Colorado?

As I write this, I see we are just over two days away from Valentines Day. So, if you're Googling what to get your significant other now, YOU'RE LATE!!! But still, this handy-dandy map may help ya out.

CouponLawn.com has spent more than 250 hours collecting and analyzing Google Trends’ data pulled from the past 17 Valentine's (throughout the period of 2004-2020) to find out the most googled Valentine's gift in each state.

When you see some of the other states on the map, you'll notice Colorado is pretty boring... Gift baskets, really?

Here are some of those more interesting findings:

  • 'couples massage' is the most-googled gift in Nevada
  • ‘tandem bicycle’ top search results in Iowa
  • ‘plus size lingerie’ has the highest interest among Louisianians
  • ‘pajamas’ dominated Michigan
  • Wyomingites want ‘sex toys’ for Valentine’s Day

Check out the full map here.

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