A mis-Delivered Box on trial today in Scott and Sadie's Life Court

Here is Friday's Life Court...

Scott and Sadie,

Here's something for Life Court.

On Monday, I came home to find a Fed Ex box on my porch. Not my name and an address that doesn't even exist. One of those Mailbox places that have a Fed Ex drop off is on my way to work, so I ran it in on Tuesday and told them it was mis-delivered. The nice lady took the package and thanked me.

On Wednesday, I came home for lunch and there is the same box - on my doorstep. SO on my way back to work that afternoon, I dropped it by the mailbox place and the same kind lady took the package and apologized.

Yesterday I come home from work, yup, same package on my porch. I'm tired of wasting my time. The return address is just a person named Mitch DeAngelo in College Station, Texas. So I try looking Mitch up online and don't really get anywhere.

Now my curiosity is driving me crazy. What do you do?

A. Try again with the Mailbox store.

B. Call Fed Ex again (why is this my job?!)

C. Try putting the box in another box and sending it to Mitch in College Station.

D. Trash it.

E. Open it!

It's kinda heavy and slides back and forth like a couple of stacks of hundred-dollar bills. Hahaha.

So please ask your listeners - what do I do?



Okay - advice for Anthony, please, in Scott and Sadie's Life Court...

Here is how it went down on Facebook (where all the judgement lives)...

And here's how it went down on the radio...

A Mis-Delivered Box - Life Court for Friday 2/12/2021

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