Five Random Facts at 5:00 for Friday, February 19

Here are some five random facts at 5:00 for you . . .

1. The ratio of cookie-to-cream in an original Oreo is 71% cookie, 29% cream.

2. There's a scale of "close encounters." A close encounter of the first kind is seeing a UFO . . . a close encounter of the third kind is seeing an alien . . . the fourth kind is being abducted by aliens . . . and the seventh kind is having SEX with an alien.

3. It takes 60 tons of paint to cover the Eiffel Tower, which is the weight of about 10 elephants.

4. There's only one country in the Americas where more people speak a native language other than the language of a country that colonized them. It's Paraguay, where 90% of people speak Guarani and 87% speak Spanish.

5. No one knows exactly how the Academy Awards started being called Oscars.

(Huffington Post/Paranormal Encyclopedia/HistoryLatin America Reports /Wikipedia)

That's what the story says - what do Scott and Sadie say? Hear here...

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