Former Bronco Tim Tebow Retires From Baseball

Anytime I talk about Tim Tebow, I start by saying that as a diehard Broncos fan, he gave me one of my favorite seasons ever. However, he just didn't really have the skills to be an NFL quarterback... Nor a pro baseball player.

After five years of trying to hit the majors, Minor League baseball and former NFL football player Tim Tebow has retired from baseball.

Tebow, also a 2007 Heisman Trophy winner, spent four seasons in the New York Mets farm system, carrying a .223 average over 287 games.

The former NFL QB thanked baseball fans, saying “I loved every minute of the journey, but at this time I feel called in other directions. I never want to be partially in on anything. I always want to be 100 percent in on whatever I choose. Thank you again for everyone’s support of this awesome journey in baseball, I’ll always cherish my time as a Met.”

I think he should try NASCAR next!

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