The Colorado Rockies Have a 0.1% Chance to Make the 2021 Playoffs

Not only did the Colorado Rockies lose one of the best players in baseball this offseason, as they traded Nolan Arenado to the St. Louis Cardinals, but they're getting picked on by the experts too!

Major League Baseball just Tweeted out a list of every team's postseason odds for 2021, as compiled by the Fangraphs website.

Of course, no team has a 100% chance of making it . . . that would be crazy. However, one team DOES have a 0.0% chance: The Baltimore Orioles.

The Orioles are the only team with a 0.0% chance, but three others are below 1%. The Colorado Rockies (0.1%), the Pittsburgh Pirates (0.4%), the Miami Marlins (0.7%), and the Texas Rangers (0.8%).

The teams with the BEST odds are: The L.A. Dodgers (96.7%), the San Diego Padres (92.9%), and the New York Yankees (91.6%). The New York Mets are a more distant fourth (81.2%).

So you're saying there's a chance!!

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