Airplane Departing DIA Has an Engine Catch on Fire, Parts Rain from the Sky

By now you have probably heard - and we find the story surreal - of the United Airlines 777 departing Denver, bound for Honolulu, that suffered engine failure (a video shows the engine ON FIRE) and was forced to return and safely land at DIA.

First of all - pilots are rockstars!!!! This is a two-engine aircraft - one engine was ON FIRE - and the pilots safely brought the bird home!

Secondly - no injuries were reported. None. Not on the plane, not on the ground! WOW! What a blessing! One photo shows an engine cowling in somebody's front yard - the thing is huge!

Here are some pics...

We'll try to share some videos we've found, too. Surreal!

  1. Can you imagine being the guy who sat down in his seat by the wing. Glanced out the window after takeoff. And saw the engine ON FIRE?! Because we can't imagine that - what would you do!
  2. Curious - what's the worst flight you have ever been on? Do share...

Finally, hear Scott and Sadie's take on it here...

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