Trophies in the Man Cave? You decide in Scott and Sadie's Life Court!

Here is Monday's Life Court...

Scott and Sadie,

My husband and I are having a "discussion" about this and I am curious what your listeners think in Life Court.

We're both approaching 50 and have been married 23-years. We're in the process of remodeling the basement and my husband is getting a man cave - he's excited. As he was visiting with the contractor, he told this guy about a wall of shelves he wants in his room - he wants to display all his trophies!

My husband was a great athlete in middle school and high school. Through the years, he has saved all these football, wrestling, and baseball trophies. There are some he won ALMOST 40-YEARS AGO! Look, it's his man cave and he can do what he wants with it. But I just think its odd for a nearly fifty-year-old man to be displaying trophies he won in pee-wee football. It is literally akin to that 40-year old guy that wears his letter jacket to the sports bar.

But maybe I'm being too harsh.

So in Life Court, I would love to see what your listeners think about a grown-ass man actively displaying middle-school baseball trophies.



Interesting. What are your thoughts for Courtney in Scott and Sadie's Life Court?

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Trophies in the Man Cave? You decide in Scott and Sadie's Life Court!

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