Company Selling Undies You Supposedly Never Have to Wash

I have five or six "Golden Rules of Life," and one of them is no matter how rough the times get, ALWAYS wear clean underwear! That is in jeopardy as a company now has undies they say you don't have to wash.

A Minnesota company named HercLeon has come up with what it calls "the world's cleanest underwear," an innovative self-cleaning undergarment that can be worn daily for weeks, even months, without becoming smelly.

It's all because of a revolutionary material called HercFiber which continuously destroys all bacteria and stays clean without needing a wash. All you have to do is let the underwear "air out" for a bit after wearing it, and you can safely put it on again the next day. HercFiber is made with a blend of Bamboo, Eucalyptus, Beechwood, and Copper fibers. The copper is anti-infection, antibacterial, and also "stabilizes and heals" the skin, so when it's weaved into the underwear, it slows the growth of bacteria and eliminates it.

My problem is there is a lot of bodily functions going on down there, and stinky or not, that stuff needs to be washed out of there! I'll pass on these, and ALWAYS wash my undies!

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