Did You See How Much the Tooth Fairy is Paying These Days?

Either my parents were cheap, or the Tooth Fairy has really upped her game since I was a kid, because I remember getting a quarter!

According The Original Tooth Fairy Poll conducted by Delta Dental, the value of a lost tooth is on the rise. Not only that – it’s at an all-time high.

The survey finds:

  • The average cash gift for a tooth this year is $4.70, the highest amount in the poll’s 23-year history.
  • It’s up from last year’s rate of $4.03.
  • The new amount is four-cents higher than the poll’s previous peak in 2017, when it was $4.66.
  • Kids in the Northeast nab the most dough for a lost tooth, about $5.72.
  • Kids in the South earn closest to the national average, $4.45.
  • Kids in the West saw an almost $2 increase, and are now getting an average of $5.54
  • Kids in The Midwest once again get the least amount, only $3.66

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